1. mgsm666's Avatar

    I have a verizon 8830, and every time i send an e-mail, it attaches "sent from my verizon wireless blackberry" at the bottom! Very annoying....

    Any way to stop that?


    05-30-07 02:37 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Just a note; always do a search before posting a question like this. It's been discussed a few times...

    Nonetheless, go online, to your BIS account, and edit the email account you have. In there, there is a field for signature. Edit it there - it can't be done from the device...
    05-30-07 02:39 PM
  3. mgsm666's Avatar
    awesome...sorry for not searching. Feel free to lock the thread Appreciate your help!


    Edit: Sorry, but i'm totally new at this. How do i access my bis account?? Through verizon? Or through blackberry?
    05-30-07 02:41 PM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I'm not 100% sure, since I don't have Verizon service. But, I did a Google search, and here you go...

    But, begs the question, how did you setup your present email account? From the device?
    05-30-07 02:46 PM
  5. mgsm666's Avatar
    ^^ yeah...set up 2 accounts, both from the device. That's how the blackberry 101 online setup thingy said to set them up.
    05-30-07 02:49 PM
  6. mgsm666's Avatar
    link worked perfectly...edited both of my accounts. Thanks!!!

    05-30-07 02:53 PM
  7. tmag2005's Avatar
    Its the same for every carrier pretty much.

    *Sent from Navilyn everpatient mind*
    05-30-07 04:04 PM