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  1. tweedle-thumb's Avatar
    Is anyone else slightly offended at being called a 'newbie' just because you haven't made enough posts yet?! Lol. I'm an addict and proud of it! Just found the website yesterday and am spreading the word to all the crackberry addicts I know...and there are a few. We tend to band together. Strength in numbers. Keep in touch, all. See you around the message boards.
    03-29-07 11:34 AM
  2. tmag2005's Avatar
    Welcome tweedle-thumb.

    The more the merrier as they say.

    Keep Crackin'
    03-29-07 01:35 PM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...and enjoy your stay. We look forward to 'thread conversations'.
    03-29-07 02:17 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    As the others have said, welcome to CrackBerry tweedle-thumb. We could always use some more Texans on here
    03-29-07 03:12 PM
  5. audit's Avatar
    The more rednecks, the better
    flyingsolid likes this.
    03-29-07 03:32 PM
  6. wxboss's Avatar
    Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride!

    This is a great site that keeps getting better! Glad to have you here
    03-29-07 08:11 PM
  7. MMB916's Avatar
    Welcome!! Long Live BB ADDICTS!!

    I'm sure you won't be a "newbie" for very long!
    03-29-07 08:28 PM
  8. myth90045's Avatar
    welcome...i dont want to be a newbie either..but what you gonna do!! haha

    Hey, im not a newbie!! cool!!
    Last edited by myth90045; 03-29-07 at 10:02 PM. Reason: did not see my current status
    03-29-07 10:01 PM
  9. tempcell's Avatar
    nice, I happend to join just recently as well
    04-10-07 06:08 PM
  10. kasperapd's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry tempcell!
    04-10-07 06:40 PM