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    I just got my 8830 a little over a month ago. It's been an interesting experience getting as addicted to it as I have. I came from a Windows Mobile phone and it wasn't nearly as fun!!!

    I also got my first blackberry messenger contact yesterday!!! A gentleman from South America. That was pretty cool!!!! I think I'm in with this device for a LONG LONG time!!

    I do have a question if someone can answer it, I noticed that a lot of people have a "posted from my crackberry" signature when they post from their BB. How did you guys get that to happen? I post from the PC and the BB, and thought it would be cool to have that show up when I'm on my BB.

    Thanks all!
    04-10-08 06:52 AM
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    Welcome newbie.

    In order to get that sig, you need to login to "wap.crackberry.com" and then login and post. I would also download the CB shortcut to be able to launch CB through the web browser. The launcher can be found on the "wap.crackberry.com" page.
    04-10-08 06:54 AM
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    Testing... This is actually from my PC. Lol. So as long as your on "wap.crackberry.com"

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    04-10-08 06:55 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    04-10-08 06:55 AM
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    Welcome to CB !

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    04-10-08 06:59 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    04-10-08 07:04 AM
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    Welcome amigo to CB.
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    04-10-08 07:39 AM
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    Welcome Newbie!!!! =]
    04-10-08 08:13 AM
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    Welcome, enjoy the site !
    04-10-08 08:16 AM
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    Welcome new Crack Brotha'!
    04-10-08 08:33 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    04-10-08 08:50 AM
  12. Riley2521's Avatar
    Welcome to the addiction!
    04-10-08 09:11 AM
  13. garbagefairy1967's Avatar
    Hello, and welcome!!!
    04-10-08 10:07 AM
  14. johnrm's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcomes guys! I unfortunately got too busy at work to check back in yesterday! Sometimes real work impacts playing on the BB!

    Thanks also for the info Jayden! I'll probably be trying that later on today. Just doing my normal check of the forums on the PC in the morning before work. UGH...that word again!

    Thanks again for the warm welcomes guys! Great place you got here!!!!
    04-11-08 06:59 AM
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    Welcome, the forums are a wealth of information.
    04-11-08 07:07 AM
  16. Rhon228's Avatar
    Welcome to the only addiction that's cool!
    04-12-08 01:01 AM
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    Welcome to CB,bye bye WM - hello Blackberry

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    04-12-08 02:01 AM
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    Welcome to the forums.
    04-12-08 02:24 AM
  19. johnrm's Avatar
    WM really was bad IMHO! I got to the point of missing about half my calls, and email wouldn't work MOST of the time!!! I'm so glad I'm away from that thing!!

    I know if I have any questions, I can always come here, thanks a lot guys!!
    04-12-08 12:51 PM