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    Hey people..although I am not new to the site, I am new to the Forums.

    Long story short, a buddy of mine who works for VZW was able to get me a Storm the day they were released. After a few hours I was ready to pitch it off my balcony to the streets below but he assured me that things would get better.

    We all know that things are far from perfect with the OS, but they're getting better (atleast they are for me) :-) Anyway...If I am on here, I am probably bored at work...my PIN is 304A30CA...feel free to BBM me. If anyone reading this is from my office, I'm just kidding. My projects are all going well and the reason why you cannot reach me is because I have meetings all day. :-P
    02-17-09 08:22 AM
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    welcome to CB!
    02-17-09 08:32 AM