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    Good Morning everyone. First, I want to say, I love this website. And the BB lecture series is great. I spent literally hours at my computer yesterday reading and learning.
    Two weeks ago I signed on with Verizon. They were the only provider that would sign me up without a deposit. I've had prepay with them for over a year so I guess that's why. Anyway, the first phone I got was the Dare. Nice phone but too big and it didn't do what I wanted it to do. So a week later I took it back and traded for the Voyager. Another nice phone but I still wasn't happy. I started 'researching' the Blackberry. That's when I stumbled on this website. I read and read and read until I knew this phone was for me. So, first thing yesterday morning, I took the Voyager back and got my BB 8330. I love this phone. It does so much. I have a couple of questions but I guess I should go to the correct forum's to ask them.
    Have a Great Day Everyone!!

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    Welcome to Crackberry, Rosy.
    Funny you should mention this - I was in a similar situation between the LG Voyager "pseudo-smartphone" and this shiny looking Curve BlackBerry-thing that was sitting on the Verizon store shelves, a few weeks ago.

    I was making the switch to Verizon primarily because my Godchild already has Verizon, and with their "in-calling", we could chat without having her minutes getting chewed-up. (College kid- money's kinda tight for her & all that). Thus, once the decision was made to go with the "Big V" for my carrier, I began shopping. My RAZR had been ok for the past two years, but dammit- time to get a little more tech-savvy with the times.

    I liked the Voyager only because of the qwerty keypad, and it had "internet access"-(haha) as features. But then I saw the Curve 8330 sitting there - What's all this about, then?
    I'll say thanks along with you, to Crackberry here - I found this site to be a wealth of information & helpful resources (which is why I signed aboard) - and certainly garnered more proper research for myself about this whole "BlackBerry" phenomenon I've heard about in certain circles, but never dug into much, by coming here.

    So now I have the 8330 - I'm thus far impressed by the device, and what it allows me to do... it's fun, and I'm learning as I go.
    The various forums & series here, recommended reading for any newbie like myself. And don't forget the store - I've already got my eye on a couple things to pimp-out my new toy.
    09-30-08 09:08 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
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    welcome to cb
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    Welcome to crackberry.....hope you enjoy your bb's.
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!! Glad you love it here and that you made the switch to the Berry
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    Welcome to Crackberry

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    Welcome to CB

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    Welcome to CB
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    Welcome to CB. Congrats on discovering your new BB. Yippee!
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    Welcome to CB! Congrats on getting a brand new BB .
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    welcome to cb!
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!!!
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    Howdy and welcome!

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    Thank you for the welcome everyone. I've had my BB for a week now and I love it. I'm sitting at work right now writing this on my phone. (I'm not busy. Very bored actually) I thought this would be a good time to practice and experiment. Now, how do I send this?
    10-05-08 04:40 PM
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    Welcome to cb!!!!
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    Welcome aboard!
    Whatever problems you come across all of the friendly folks here are happy to help. Just ask and I'm sure you'll find you answer.

    Keep Crackin'!
    10-05-08 06:11 PM
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    I just got home and I see my post from my phone made it. I've learned a lot this week, with the help from the people in this forum. Thank you so much. There is still so much more I want to know however. I hope you don't mind if i just post everything here in this thread. The first thing i want to know is about the browser configuration. Which items should be checked and which ones shouldn't? I don't know what most of the things mean so I don't know which should be checked. Stylesheet?? WML?? "Prompt to enable Java Script"? Should I use background images and foreground and background colors? Etc., etc.
    Also, I don't know if every carrier has this so maybe only those of you have Verizon can answer this. You know when someone calls and they hear that "elevator" music on your phone until you answer? How do I get that off my phone? Does Crackberry have ringBACK tones? If not, do you know where I can get them? Apparently, I can't download ringtones and ringback tones on my BB from verizon. I could with the Dare and the Voyager.
    Let's see, what else? Can anyone suggest a photo album download? I have a lot of pictures on Flickr and Webshots and I want to put them on my phone. I don't want to just go to the site from my phone because I don't like how they load. (column) I want them to be in little rows of 4 or 5 pictures and then I just have to highlite one and click and voila, a screen size picture. Is there something I can do in the the desktop manager to get all my pictures into my phone? The desktop manager is a whole other set of questions but I haven't really read the 'help' section there yet. I'll do that first and then I'll ask you guys if I have questions.
    One last question. Is there anywhere to download videos straight to my phone? I don't want to go through all the steps mentioned in Blackberry 101. It's very confusing to me.
    Ok, that's all for now. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

    10-05-08 11:17 PM