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    Hi all! Just got my first Blackberry ever (Pearl 8130) over the weekend. I can definitely see it becoming very, very addicting ... very quickly

    While I'm introducing myself, I did have a question ... I want the e-mails I send from my computer to stop showing up in my Blackberry inbox. I tried to follow the instructions (go to a message list, Options, Email Settings, menu key -> Folder Redirection), but they don't work. When I get into Folder Redirection I'm supposed to uncheck a box that says "Sent Items," but that doesn't exist -- there's only a box with my e-mail address. Any help? I'm using a gmail account if that could possibly make a difference. Thanks!
    04-15-08 10:20 AM
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    After you've clicked Email Settings hit Menu & Folder Redirection will be there!

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    04-15-08 10:39 AM
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    Thanks for all the welcomes

    I was able to find Folder Redirection but it doesn't change anything when I click on it, so I can't actually seem to change any options. Any other advice?
    04-15-08 11:18 AM
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    Ahhh... Gmail. Gimme a sec to search.

    Edit: Here is the thread.
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    04-15-08 02:29 PM
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    Thanks all, and thanks Jayden for the link saw that a bit after I posted and felt silly . . .

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