1. curve5191's Avatar
    Hey peeps. I'm havin trouble with my AIM. Whenever I sign on my buddies never show up as logged in. After an hour or two I check my aim and its tells me that my friends are on but when I IM them and they reply back I never get anything. I would love it if anyone can help me figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.

    If someone can help pin me. My pin is 2486C047

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    12-11-08 04:17 PM
  2. mommy2kids's Avatar
    I tried? Mine is 31A921EO
    12-11-08 04:30 PM
  3. smirnoffz's Avatar
    I had this problem awhile back the best thing to do is uninstall and go download the newest one

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    12-12-08 10:02 AM
  4. joe003's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!

    I would also recommend reinstalling the app and try it again.

    Feel free to post any questions that come up. Our addicts are always willing to assist you.

    Enjoy the addiction™
    12-12-08 01:01 PM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    There are other free IM apps out there as well.

    Instango, WebMessenger, and EQO are IMO, one of the top 3 after AIM.

    Try and reinstall first.
    12-12-08 01:30 PM