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    I'm using Vista and don't have Outlook Express - AND my Vista won't download Windows Mail or the new beta Windows Live Mail...so I'm reduced to using Yahoo mail at this time. All my contacts are coming from my old Sony Ericsson phone.

    I have downloaded the ABC Editor and it recognizes my address book but I don't seem to be able to edit the info. Even if I was able to edit the file, how would I get it back on my BB?

    So saved it to Excel file and did edits. Now what do I do with the Excel file. Have saved it as a text file and tried to add that file to synch with BB Desktop (v 4.7) but won't recognize the file.

    I understand the basic concepts of how this is supposed to work but I don't seem to be doing it correctly! Any suggestions are welcome - THANKS!!

    BTW - main issue is that my contact list from old phone came over as separate entries for each phone contact....i.e.
    John Doe/M - with mobile number
    John Doe/C - with cell number
    John Doe/W - with work number
    John Doe/E - with email addresss

    Main goal is to consolidate these entries for each contact person
    working with BB 8310 Curve
    11-29-08 11:35 AM