1. lharms's Avatar
    I need to add a considerable amount of contacts and want to see if there is a way to add them using my PC. I would like to avoid creating Outlook contacts as I already 1000+ and do not want these synced as well.

    09-23-08 04:30 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Contacts are typically very small. If saving space is your only reason for not using Outlook and synching that way, then go ahead and use it. It's the easiest way to get your contacts synched. 1000 typical contacts won't be noticeable in your memory. I have 968 contacts that only occupy 188k.
    09-23-08 04:34 PM
  3. lharms's Avatar
    Its more that this bb is personal and the 1000+ comprise work contacts (many of which are only email addresses)

    Is there a way around this?
    09-23-08 04:46 PM