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    Ok so I tried adding with the PIN and my contact ends up "Pending". There is no use once option that I have searched and read about on my bb. My friend has a Curve and was wondering why I wasn't adding her so she added me, eveything is fine with that but now I have another friend with a Curve and I've tried adding her again with PIN etc and she's "Pending" and it's showing pending on hers as well.

    What's the deal with this. Bold should of just made this very easy! LOL
    11-05-08 10:21 AM
  2. brianjr88's Avatar
    did u go to the pending name and click the bblogo button and in that menu pick "accept" if u did and its not going for them to and they did the same try what i put below see if it makes a diff cuz i have seen on other forums it did so who knows

    not sure how u added the pin but try this remove the pending k
    then do the add a contact when your address book opens up scrool up to the top and make sure u have [use once] highlighted and then click the button with the blackberry logo on it next to the track ball. when the menu comes up pick "request by pin" then enter the pin and then get them to accept it and u might have to to and there u go
    11-05-08 11:13 AM
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    When you are in messenger on the the Bold hit menu/add contact. Type the pin number the you get the option of by email or by pin. Make sure its by pin

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    11-05-08 01:34 PM