1. nas251's Avatar
    I am a new black berry user, and I am trying to access my hotmail accounts as if I were on the web and logging into it from my regular internet browser. I would like to be able to access old emails, not just new ones, open up attachments and things like that.

    Previously, I was able to use a program called Opera Mini, to go directly to the hotmail site and login, and everything worked fine, until they recently changed the hotmail style. Now anytime I login, I am allowed to type in my username and password, but when I click login, it only loads up part of the hotmail screen once you login, and doesn't allow me to see anything in my inbox, junk mail, and all of the other options you get when you login into your hotmail account. It says usually "Windows Live".

    Has anyone experienced this recently, and if so, is there a solution to this problem, or an alternative way to access hotmail emails. Please let me know!

    PS. I have also tried to use the mobile email, but I cannot view attachments or older emails.


    11-20-08 03:12 PM