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    My name is Shane and Im about to be a crackberry baby. I've been reading about the different models for weeks. All of them seem great, I can't help but love the Pearl's sleek design and impressive capability. The 8800 has the full keyboard, the curve has all of the above. I think Im pretty partial to the pearl, all the reviews, and accounts, threads, and posts I've read seem to say good things. However I do have a few concerns, and hopefully you guys can help me get around them, so I can order my BB today. I'm currently stationed overseas with the military, and my mobile provider is Cingular wireless back in the states, however I will be purchasing my BB unlocked from a online Vendor so that I can use Sim Cards and Top Up to communicate the next few monthes. I believe that the vendor Im purchasing from sells the T-Mobile pearl or at least thats the markings the pearl in the picture shows. I want to make sure that I can purchase the unlocked Pearl, and upgrade the firmware to the newer better Cingular version, possibly remove all traces of TMobile from the phone other then the obvious logo on the face itself. Also I want to make sure I can use these sim cards here, and then use my Cingular sim card when I get home nad purchase the BB service plan from Cingular. However, I think my largest concern is the SMS capability of the Pearl. Ive become so accustomed to T9 that I can type very efficiently and conveniently....with the 8800 or the Curve I can use the full keyboard, with the Pearl it is a different system and I am curious about how Pearl users enjoy the SMS method the Pearl uses. Im sure these concerns have all been covered before, and I have read and ghosted the forums for days before signing up, Im just looking for last minute re-assurance before I spend about 400 dollars on a unlocked Pearl.

    Thanks in advance for all your wisdom and assistance

    05-24-07 06:28 AM
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    Hi Shane

    Please don't buy pearl, I have used it for two days, and believe me the sure type keyboard sucks. I had to return that device. I am faster on t9 and fastest on qwerty keyboard.

    better wait for 8300(curve) or buy 8800.
    05-24-07 07:20 AM
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    Agreed. An 8800 or 8300 would be the way to go.
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    05-24-07 09:49 AM
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    Welcome to both of you!

    Now, as far as the Pearl, in my opinion, and several others on here will agree, it's a great device, but it's not for everyone. I think that SureType is very comparable to T9, and possibly better. You have to give it longer than 2 days to get used to it. You can't even break in a new pair of shoes that quick, so saying you used it for 2 days, and it sucks is not fair.

    As far as unlocking, make sure the company you are buying from does this, or if needed, you can always use a commercial unlocker to get the code. Now as far remving all hints that it's a T-Mobile phone... that won't happen. You can remove the logo on the case of the phone, but the boot up splash screen is hard-coded into the device and will never change. You'll be able to use it when you get home as long as it's unlocked. And lastly... whether you get the Pearl with SureType or a full QWERTY just depends on your personal preference and what you want from the device. You can go to the BlackBerry website to compare models if you need help deciding.

    Good luck deciding and let us know what you choose.
    05-24-07 09:55 AM
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    I have the Cingular pearl and I find the keyboard very easy to type on.if you're used to t9 you will have little difficulty learning suretype. The small size tradeoff is great and I find I type better on this than I do on the tiny full qwerty keypads.

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    05-24-07 02:50 PM
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    I don't have a Pearl, but I do have a 7130c which is also Suretype. I found it extremely easy to get used to (2 sentences max). I'd like a new Curve (for the features), but don't want to switch to Qwerty for fear that it will slow my typing speed.
    05-24-07 04:18 PM
  7. Mountster226's Avatar
    Well, the more I think about it the more I lean towards the pearl. It is honestly what caught my eye first, and I think a full qwerty might slow me down as well, i'd be to tempted to type with two hands....no good while driving or multi-tasking. I'm sure I'll adjust to the SureType in time. Just a matter of ordering and waiting now.
    05-24-07 11:51 PM
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    Yeah you may be right, I needed more than two days on the pearl
    05-25-07 06:12 AM
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    Just an FYI - the 'Sure Type' can be turned off! I use the 8800 & 8100, and when am 'rolling' with the 8100 Sure Type has to be off, can't stand it!
    05-25-07 06:31 AM