1. Susanangel's Avatar
    I was wondering can anyone address my concerns?

    I have a new unlocked BB Bold purchased online and have had it conected to my companies BES who use Optus as a carrier here in Australia. The OS the unit came with is v4.6.0.92, and I am lead to believe this is a fairly old OS already.

    What are the risks associated with upgrading the OS?

    Will it cause problems when communicating with my companies BES?

    Given it seems that .162 to is the most stable upgrade at present. Do I have to use only the Optus OS downloads from the BB software download website? Because Optus seem only to offer .126 as the most recent upgrade, or can I download another carriers .162 given that my BB was unlocked when purchased with out causing an issue with Optus or my companies BES?

    Many thanks for your help.
    10-09-08 08:41 AM
  2. rohant's Avatar

    As an Optus customer, I have upgraded from .92 to .162 and now .167

    You can use different carrier OS downloads, just make sure you delete the Vendor.xml file for it to install.

    I use a BES service for our company email - just make sure you are online to your mail server, launch BB Desktop Manager and then connect your BBerry. This will/should redo the Enterprise Activation automatically.

    Have had no problems with the BES services or other Optus services.

    Good Luck
    10-16-08 09:10 AM