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    I just bought a new 8900 from rogers and unlocked it.

    I put in my sim and it worked for about 5 minutes and then the call got dropped and it said "Insert Sim Card" and the signal went to SOS. I did a hard restart and nothing happens. It stays the sim.

    I got a replacement sim and still the same problem. I have tried the phone with 5 other sims of other people and it works fine.

    I did a wipe clean and re-installed the software (.94) and still it says "Insert Sim Card".

    Somehow it seems to have locked my phone number out of the phone.

    Please help.. What can I do ? I am no longer in canada so can't claim a new phone under warranty. I believe the phone is fine since it works with other sims. Somewhere I have locked my phone number sim out of the phone.
    01-10-09 03:15 PM