1. MgNoMin's Avatar
    BB veterans,

    I'm looking to buy either of the two in the next week. the 8800 for tmobile($350) or 8830 from sprint($200)

    to me they look like the same phone but obviously they have a different model numbers so there's got to be something different about them.

    Also a factor for me getting a BB is for the GPS feature. Are the directions comparable to Garmin's in regards to voiced directions? Does BB maps include searches for gas stations, restaurants, and the like?
    08-05-07 05:47 PM
  2. Indyarmor's Avatar
    The 8800 is the standard model offered bt T- Mobile. The 8830 in black is the same phone but the World Edition as it will work outside the US. Verizon does the 8830 in silver. Hope this helps.
    08-21-07 10:33 AM