1. jparenteau's Avatar
    My wife and I both have the 8703e and unfortunately she's been having troubles with hers. Twice the blackberry has locked up (most recently on calendar, leaving a blank white screen and the date bar at top). When we shut it down and reboot, it gets to the carrier logo screen and the ever turning over hour glass and just sits. The hour glass does its thing, so I know it's not totally locked up, but it doesn't go further. We've pulled the battery, plugged it in, done everything we know of and it won't boot. Twice this has happened, the first time the carrier just gave us a new one.

    Has anybody experienced this? What is it? Is it possible that during attempted sync with her Mac that it is getting a virus or something?


    07-25-07 01:26 AM
  2. georgeky20's Avatar
    I ve made a contract on O2 with e2Save..

    I plugged the phone on to charge and I can see the battery logo crossed with a red line... It is stuck there for 3 hours now..
    03-06-08 02:49 PM