1. MicheleMoore-Happy1's Avatar
    I'm trying Verizon's 8703 Blackberry, love it but have found resources for learning to use it hard to find. Glad I discovered this forum!

    How do I configure Outlook or OutlookExpress to access my username.bis email account through Verizon's VZAccess Manager Software and Blackberry's Desktop Software? Where are the correct parameters posted?

    I get a LOT of spam in one of my email accounts. It would be a whole lot easier to delete it all with a PC interface rather than using the Blackberry screen.

    I tried to set up Outlook to do it, but POP3.username.bis and mail.username.bis didn't work... Obviously I am substituting myaccountname for the username...

    Or is there a better, smarter way? I have to sift through all incoming email, I can't raise my spam blockers for business reasons.

    05-30-07 12:48 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    To be honest, 'back in the day' that option was available (to have BIS email in Outlook), but am 99% sure it's no longer possible...

    I suggest creating a NEW BIS email address but don't give it out or share it. Just have your main POP3 email account forward copies of your email to that new BIS address, thus you get your emails instantly on your BlackBerry...

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    05-30-07 12:55 PM