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    Somehow I have lost the "change application" from my menu key. When I then push the "alt" button with the "escape/go back" button I briefly see the "change application" ribbon, but it disappears before I am able to access it. I have had my 8330 Curve for about 3 weeks. I look forward to your advice. Thanks.
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    09-29-08 11:51 PM
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    When pressing it, are your continuously holding on to the 'alt' key? You can let go of the 'escape/go back' key. When you do this you must continue to hold the 'alt' key until you select the app.

    If you are already doing this, try a battery pull.
    09-30-08 08:49 AM
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    Hey! That works. Thanks for your help.
    09-30-08 09:11 AM