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    Why does the 8310 curve delete all my call logs emails and text messages? I'm browsing the web a little and don't get a ton of messages. I have a 2 gig memory card inserted as well.
    11-23-08 08:50 PM
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    Free File Memory is what you need to look at.
    Not the size of your SD card.

    Alt + RT Shft + H all three at the same time will open the "Help Me" screen, scroll down to File Free and let us know the amount of free device memory.
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    11-23-08 08:57 PM
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    Here are some excellent Memory saving tips posted by TheBronx

    1) Remember to close your programs by selecting the Menu Key then Close. You can see what programs are open by hitting Menu Key --> Switch Applications. Some apps are always going to remain there: Messages, BB Messenger (if installed), Phone, Browser, Home Screen

    2) ALT-LG-LG then Menu Key and select Clear Log

    3) Go into your messages, then Menu Key --> Options --> Email Reconciliation then tap the Menu Key and select Purge Deleted Items. You will see all of the email accounts you have on your BB. Select them one by one and choose YES

    4) Clean out the phone log of all unnecessary call history. Begin by tapping the green call key --> Menu Key --> Options --> Call Logging and select ALL Calls then save. Now go back to Messages and you will see all of your phone calls. Delete the ones you don't want. I have a few contacts I always like to see so I delete all except the newest call. Once you are done you will want to change the Call Logging back to None.

    5) Clear your browser cache. While in the browser tap the Menu Key --> Options --> Cache Options and select Clear History and everything else. I DO NOT delete the cookies because they store data for certain sites I visit all the time and don't want to have to re-enter the login information.

    6) Clean Memory: Options --> Security Options --> Memory Cleaning --> Menu Key and Clean Now (OS 4.5)

    7) Set your phone to turn off everyday at a certain time and then back on after 30 minutes. This will refresh your network connection. You can set this by going to Options --> Auto On/Off

    Once you do all of this pull the battery, reinstall it and once the phone starts up check your memory.

    I know this sounds like a lot but once you get use to it it is very simple. I do it everyday just before bed.
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    This is awesome Info..Thank you for sharing.
    11-23-08 09:22 PM
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    The problem is most likely that you're low on file free memory.

    Go to BB icon, Options, Status and check File Free. The phone should have above 12,000,000 file free.
    11-23-08 09:56 PM
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    11-24-08 05:57 PM
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    This was the biggest help ever. Thanks a lot!
    11-24-08 08:37 PM
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    You are ALL welcome, and I see a lot of Newbies here - so welcome to the CB family - to all the Newbies on this thread!
    11-24-08 11:22 PM