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    Please help - i need to know how to save a mp3 (ringtone) file attachment from e-mail to a 7100i.

    i'm trying to help my friend get new ringtones on to their 7100i - just got it from nextel and this is the blind leading the blind. the way i see it we have three options, bb's desktop, bluetooth or e-mail.

    1. - destop v4.2 does not work, for the record i got my krzr to work with it.

    2. can't get bluetooth to work with my krzr (it will pair up but when i send the file from krzr, the krzr gives a service not available or something like that messege - i read something about media file type setting on the bb -but who knows).

    3. so i'm down to email. i can see the attachment listed in the e-mail but no options to save it - please help!!!!

    4. or adding some application that i don't have memory for.. 64mb and no extra memory slot?? - and found out that this model came out in 2005? and nextel just sold one on 9/12/2008? wtf?
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