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    I plan on getting a blackberry in the near future, and I've been looking into all the new models coming out. However I'm not really sure what 3g is, other than having something to do with the mobile internet capabilities(or so I believe?). I'm not sure which blackberry I'm going to get yet, but how much better will a bb with 3g be able to browse the internet as apposed to one without. Basically right now I'm in between getting the Storm soon, or waiting for the 9000. I'm kind of turned off by the all touchscreen, but the Storm has 3g, and the 9000 doesn't. thanks
    10-09-08 10:07 PM
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    Hi, 3G has to do with the browsers internet speed, 3G is pretty fast now getting like DSL speeds on a phone. Verizon has 3G but its named EV-DO and also sprint. Att and Tmobile have HSDPA or UMTS which is 3G on a gsm phone. Hope that helps, but it all boils down to is if 3G coverage is available in your area.

    The bold does have 3G by the way

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    10-09-08 10:28 PM
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    Sorry I'm on mobile, but it also delivers better call quality too.

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    10-09-08 10:29 PM
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    cool, thanks. also I ****ed up I thought the new curve was the 9000, but the 8900 is what I meant. Is vzw even getting the bold?
    10-10-08 04:25 PM
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    Eventually yea, the new curve 8900 is supposed to come to verizon in 2009 and will be EVDO on verizon along with wifi.

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    10-10-08 04:32 PM
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    The 3G also allows you to receive calls while downloading data. The Bold won't be available on Verizon this year. It's exclusive for AT&T. For better web browsing experience you need 3G. The Storm has nice touch screen and I am sure you can get used to the onscreen QWERTY.
    10-10-08 04:34 PM
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    ^ this is not true for verizon or CDMA networks. CDMA its either data or voice there is not a way to do both currently*

    The storm says this but the it allows both when you are using the GSM portion of the phone.

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    10-10-08 04:36 PM
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    I'm going to check out the storm before I buy anything, but I'm really not into a fully touch screen phone. I've been considering getting the 8330(my upgrade is in december) for a while, and then save up for either a curve 8900 or the bold when verizon gets it. My problem is though, I always have to have the newest, and that is making me not want to get the 8330
    10-10-08 05:39 PM
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    Since your with Verizon the Storm would be the newest BB... if your willing to switch cell phone providers for a different new BB, then the Bold is an option, but when it will be released by AT&T is anyones guess... then there is the Curve 8900, but T-Mobile has not set a release date yet (hopefully not as bad as AT&T and the Bold delay).
    10-10-08 06:21 PM