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    Just bought a curve few days ago since I was in a dire need of a smartphone. I originally wanted a samsung blackjack but being on tmobile I had to get an unlocked one. Did some research for alternatives and found the curve to be one of the best reviewed smartphones.

    My previous experience with a blackberry was about 3years ago with the one that looked similiar to the pearl(non qwerty keypad). I didn't have much need for email push or knew what it was at the time. Mainly wanted it for aim and ability to check email. I found typing on it to be more difficult than I wanted it to be, so exchanged it for the sidekick2. 2 years later I ditched the sidekick and swore off big bulky phones altogether and got a nice slick samsing phone.

    Recently I've been increasing the number of contacts and the number of my responsibilities as well. Soon I was forgetting tasks I had to do and it was becoming a problem. So I ended up needing a smartphone as a way to organize my life.

    I was a bit skeptical of the bb but after some research found it to be the best alternative to windowsmobile phones(friend has one and it constantly crashes). Took the plunge and paid $300 for my curve (ouch!) and holy crap.

    I had no idea how much blackberries changed and how much more consumer friendly they have become. The email push feature is something that is simply amazing and don't know how I ever lived without it! I never check my email from my desktop anymore, I just wait for my bb to ring and blink at me.

    Thanks to this forum I also was able to deal with little problems I encountered with the few days use. All in all the more I use my curve the more I appreciate its value. Now I'm super organized, always in touch with people, keeping track of my finances with ascendo money(a godsend for me!), and never miss a task thanks to calendar and thw todo app!

    Bb is amazingly awesome. I love it

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    11-28-07 04:27 PM
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    Welcome aboard. I am glad you love the curve. I cant wait until Verzion gets it.
    11-28-07 04:39 PM
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    Wow the great BB

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    11-28-07 04:48 PM
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    Welcome to the fold!
    11-28-07 05:16 PM
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    Welcome aboard, feels good huh!!!
    11-29-07 10:28 AM
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    Welcome aboard. They don't call it "Crack"berry for nothing!
    11-29-07 10:30 AM
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    Welcome to CB. Enjoy!!
    12-08-07 10:05 PM