1. Ashton Wilcox's Avatar
    Hello There!

    I just registered with the site...I'm loving it. Can't wait to see it grow with time. Can't believe you guys own CrackBerry.com..haha...I love that domain.

    So what kind of contests are planned for this site? Want to pay for my berry plan?

    02-15-07 08:20 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    Hello right back at you Ashton!
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    02-15-07 01:32 PM
  3. BBchristopher's Avatar
    Hello to everyone...
    Like the site!
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    02-15-07 01:51 PM
  4. jnowaczyk's Avatar
    stoped to say Hello !
    02-15-07 02:06 PM
  5. macgyver's Avatar
    hey what's up!
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    02-16-07 05:41 AM
  6. Gypsy's Avatar
    Hello there!

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    03-13-08 01:45 PM
  7. squiddaddy's Avatar
    Welcome and hello
    03-13-08 04:34 PM
  8. 4x4 geek's Avatar
    Welcome to CB. If they start paying for data plans I want to be first in line.
    03-13-08 04:41 PM
  9. hal737's Avatar
    hiii there welcome to cb
    03-13-08 04:42 PM
  10. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    03-13-08 04:43 PM
  11. Adlen's Avatar

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    03-13-08 04:55 PM
  12. Hazysky's Avatar
    Hi & Welcome to CB!
    03-13-08 04:57 PM
  13. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Welcome. Great intro.
    03-13-08 04:57 PM
  14. surfcitybum's Avatar
    Welcome to CB Ashton. You're gonna love it.
    03-14-08 12:47 AM
  15. isle.sam's Avatar

    I wish they'd pay for my data plan. It'd be like Christmas.. but way better

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    03-14-08 12:54 AM
  16. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    hello and welcome
    03-14-08 03:12 AM
  17. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome Newbie!!!
    03-14-08 09:26 AM
  18. cate's Avatar
    whoa, Gypsy is going wayyyy back. :]
    03-15-08 03:56 AM