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    I'm trying to set an eclipse development environment to develop a plug-in to BB UEM.
    I downloaded UEM Integration SDK and followed instruction manual ( ), done all requirements and when I run in Eclipse the UEM Integration SDK Setup it gives me an error: "Exception in thread "main" Exception in thread "main"
    at" (whole error log in the attachment).

    Addionally the SDK come with sample plug-in and when I run from cmd the command "g zip" to compile it give me an error: "A problem occurred evaluating root project 'com.blackberry.snapin.sample'. Plugin with id 'snapin' not found. Where: Build file 'C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\UEM\Samples\build.gradle' line 27". I only extracted the SDK and didn't change a thing.

    My BB UEM version is 12.11.

    Thank you for answer.
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    10-23-19 05:37 AM

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