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01-31-19 12:17 AM
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  1. KermEd's Avatar

    If your a junior developer, looking for a BBM group to join to combine efforts, you are more than welcome to join the junior developer chat!

    It can be difficult to find like minded individuals or to ask hard questions, and one thing I learnt from OSBBx, is you can quickly learn a lot when you have a good group to bounce ideas off of

    All developers welcome!

    Edited April 4, 2014 with an updated QR code
    Edited Dec 8, 2014. QR codes impossible to maintain. Just PM me or drop your pin if u wanna
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    03-13-13 09:00 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Is this the same group as the one Thomas made?
    03-18-13 09:48 PM
  3. adrianod1993's Avatar
    Best group!

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-13 10:34 PM
  4. offthahorseceo's Avatar
    My apologies.

    I think i accidentally invited the group to a group...

    I also "joined" the group but its not showing on my bbm list...
    03-26-13 11:13 AM
  5. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    I just sent an invite off to the group. I used to dev with the android community making icon sets and themes, hoping to help develop some full blown apps for BB10, and maybe if BB ever releases a theme engine for 10 develop on that as well.
    03-30-13 11:12 PM
  6. KermEd's Avatar
    Here is the img again

    Verified - that was the old bbmchat from the looks of things. posted the new chat img up!

    BBM Chat for Junior Devs-img_00000033.png

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    03-31-13 10:05 PM
  7. KermEd's Avatar
    also, to get there on a Z10,

    Open BBM (not from HUB)
    Click on Groups
    Click on the 3 dots
    Join Group
    Point at screen
    03-31-13 10:16 PM
  8. Caldevert83's Avatar
    Hey I have few app ideas and need developer.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-13 08:15 PM
  9. KermEd's Avatar
    Hey Kevin. If needed I have a bunch of for profit developers avail.

    But with our current workload we aren't doing many freebies.

    Just new contracts and helping new devs startup.

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    04-07-13 02:28 AM
  10. Thunderbuck's Avatar
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    04-07-13 02:47 AM
  11. whitezee10's Avatar
    Can i join even if i don't know anything yet? I wanna learn develop apps for BB10.

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    05-04-13 06:05 AM
  12. KermEd's Avatar
    Sure can

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    05-12-13 11:27 PM
  13. jatb0y's Avatar
    Hey mate,

    I did programming with VB6, C# back in my University days (2000). Did not pursue a career in programming so have forgotten a bit but do however remember the basics and logics of it all. I was a pretty good student.

    I am a huge BlackBerry fan and have a couple of ideas for apps that I would like to make.

    Wanting some feedback on what sort of stuff will I need go learn in order to make an app for BB10


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    05-13-13 05:56 AM
  14. KermEd's Avatar
    Your going to be stuck with AS3 (flash), HTML5 or C++

    AS3 makes bigger packages. And is semi portable (PB/BB10/iOS/Android). It has lost some ground to HTML5 but don't go away completely for a myriad of reasons.

    HTML5 is most portable. You can do true cross platform but experiences vary from system to system.

    NDK/Cascades. Well cascades is amazing *BUT it only works for BB10. NDK is basically good for QT apps in C++. Very portable again, but doesn't support the full API set of cascades for some reason.

    Each of those breaks down farther into IDE fanilies.

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    05-13-13 06:25 AM
  15. Barljo's Avatar
    Joined (well, application sent!)..

    Just in case there's a vetting process [Groucho Marx quotes aside!] my display name is JB, and av is a pic of me & my lovely fiancee having a kiss.

    If it didn't work, I'd love to join in, nudge me here, and I'll post PIN if that's easier.


    (or JB... or Barljo... heck, I don't know anymore!)
    05-13-13 07:12 AM
  16. KermEd's Avatar
    Lol no vetting should be automatic.

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    05-13-13 03:07 PM
  17. KermEd's Avatar
    Some ppl had problems with the QR. So updating it.

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    05-18-13 08:53 PM
  18. anon(5828229)'s Avatar
    Add me please I'm a noob who wants to develop apps and learn coding

    Posted via CB10
    05-20-13 03:12 PM
  19. KermEd's Avatar
    Sounds good. If you want, you can join via the QR code above. Or PM me your PIN and I'll invite you manually.

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    05-20-13 06:35 PM
  20. wu-wei's Avatar
    Tried joining via QR code...BBM said joining group twice, then no joy.

    Is the group full, perhaps?
    05-21-13 08:48 PM
  21. KermEd's Avatar
    Hmm. 3 slots left.

    Been having QR code problems for a while now. Regenerated it a few times too. I think it hares me.

    Posted via CB10
    05-21-13 09:16 PM
  22. wu-wei's Avatar
    Just tried again and I'm in. QR codes have always been flaky for me.
    05-21-13 09:31 PM
  23. anon(5828229)'s Avatar
    24E51321 my pin add me please thank you

    Posted via CB10
    05-21-13 09:58 PM
  24. deejayburnout's Avatar
    I will be joining to.

    Made the hello world trial app for HTML and managed to get it to load.

    Teaching myself some HTML coding as well.


    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    05-22-13 06:05 PM
  25. KermEd's Avatar
    Nice. It's the last slot before we are filled ip again. Gotta trim dead chattrs lol

    Posted via CB10
    05-22-13 07:42 PM
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