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    I have the same 2 problems that alot of people seem to have with there blackberry, After upgrading to the 9780 yesterday. its been over 24 hours and i still have no contact pics on bbm and i still can't remote restore as i also get the "You are currently being registered with the BlackBerry Messenger Service. This is an automatic process that will complete in a few minutes."

    Ive tired doing everything that people have suggested on the forums. Batt Pull.. Re install.. Send service books.. I'm beginning to really get P*ssed off now

    How long did it take for everything to get sorted out on other peoples phones..
    Let me know please
    12-14-10 01:11 PM
  2. Hartley001's Avatar
    please someone help
    12-14-10 01:58 PM
  3. thebbnoob's Avatar
    Same problem for me too.

    Edit: I added myself to BBM, did a Quick Pull (battery pull). Display pictures started to show, and I could do a remote backup.
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    12-16-10 02:13 AM
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    This is the best solution i afer got off off the internet. I did a quick pull but you af to remove your battery. So my steps

    1.) add my self as a contact
    2.) remove the battery from my torch

    And all the images came flowing in.

    12-16-10 10:14 AM