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    I had a BB 9850 for 2 weeks. on first 2 week work fine but now

    my 9850 only call, sms and only Blackmessenger can work now. When I try to browsing, it prompt me msg that
    "Browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan, .... ". But the package for my BB plan is full service, and I try putting my simcard on other BB phone is work fine.

    And my yahoo messenger, app world, facebook, all of them didn't working at all. I trying to putting other simcard with other provider into my 9850, there is same problem too.

    I had try to reset my phone, upgrading my phone firmware, but still not working.

    or maybe my BB pin is suspended or lock? but I still can using BBM now.

    This thing happening when I go to singapore and getting singapore simcard and activate the plan and work fine, few days after, I went back to my country ( indonesia) switch back to my simcard and the problem occurs.

    What happen to my 9850, seem that is phone, how to solve it? is it really make me frustating.
    10-04-11 07:07 AM