1. tcannizzo's Avatar
    My business team has elected to standardize on Yahoo Messenger (YM).
    I downloaded AT&T Yahoo Messenger and it obviously logged me on, because I got a message on my PC that I had been logged off because you can only have one connection.

    I don't think I am disciplined enough to log off YM when I leave my office, and won't be able to recieve the IM on BB.

    Is there any workaround for this?

    Also, I logged back on to YM on my PC, but on my BB there is no icon for it and it does not appear in Options>Applications. I do not know how to start up YM on BB. Can anyone help?
    04-01-10 08:39 PM
  2. Garpoonga's Avatar
    when logged in to Yahoo messenger on the BB, just press the BB button (menu) and scroll down to sign out. Then use the menu button and scroll to close if you are worried about memory on your device.
    04-02-10 10:46 AM