08-27-11 10:12 PM
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  1. jaccdd's Avatar
    Hi, i was doing this, but it kept getting confused and adding things twice in my calender. Does anyone know why this might be......or have any suggestions on how i might be able to stop it?

    Thanks in advance
    09-06-10 07:31 AM
  2. crackthisbuddy's Avatar
    If it's worth paying money to have a clean calendar, you should try Office Accelerator. checkout oawireless dot com
    09-16-10 06:19 PM
  3. jwmax's Avatar
    Wow, this is kind of embarrassing. I encouraged a friend of mine to get a Torch 9800 over iPhone. His wife got an iPhone and she, of course, has no problem syncing her calendar to iPhone OTA but my buddy needs to purchase a big data plan to connect to the BES here (university), so AT&T says or the university says.

    Bottom line is an iPhone can sync to an outlook calendar better than a Blackberry. Sad. I feel foolish.
    09-24-10 02:36 PM
  4. loganoid's Avatar
    jwmax, I've been using outlook calendar and Blackberry with no problems for a long time. If your buddy is still trying to get set up, consider using one of the above mentioned methods with BIS services. Here is an article providing more details on setting up a free wireless sync and comparing/contrasting the various Google Sync options.
    11-29-10 09:00 AM
  5. lily.lee86's Avatar
    Hi, Rob1234,
    Really thanks for your question here and also thanks for the people who offer great answers to your question. I have tried and the google option is great.
    Frankly speaking, I just know how to use WinPST to synchronize outlook calendar between computers but I have no idea how to between phone and computer..
    This topic is great!!
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    12-02-10 01:30 AM
    Hey all I hope I'm posting under the correct subject here in regards to sync'ing two 8350i BB's calenders. Long story here but I'll try & keep it short. About 2 years ago my wife & I entered all of our family/friends B-days into the factory BB calenders over a 2 day period, yes big family & lotz of friends. So both BB's worked great w/the alerts until I recently installed Facebook mobile on my BB and it wiped all of my re-occuring calender events & text messages grrrr..! & of course I did not have backed up with BB desktop. Of which since I've removed FB mobile from my BB.

    My question is can I import my wife's re-occuring calender events with BB desktop so I don't have to spend 2 days re-entering all the data? Go figure I'm a back-up maniac with all my PC stuff and I have over 8TB of storage devices & I didn't b/u my BB.#@%&!!! Any help would be appreciated...Thx, STS
    12-19-10 06:40 PM
    Hey all I was just following up to see anybody read my post from 12/19 in regards to sync'ing two 8350i BB's calenders. Still hoping this can be accomplished? Thx, STS
    01-15-11 12:23 PM
  8. thehonesttruth's Avatar
    Wow these guys never give up! Google cfurgis - he's a rep from the company who goes around the internet posting rave reviews about his own product. Talk about a scam!!

    Really Chris Furgis - do you think we're that stupid? Low post count rave posts....interesting.

    Google is your friend. If you're going to go around scamming, then wisen up a bit first.

    Run from this company. There are loads of trusted sync providers out there who run honest shops. Go to them instead.
    04-24-11 09:22 AM
  9. Tom111's Avatar
    Try Syncamatic. It's inexpensive and it operates in the background, synchronizing your Blackberry with Outlook on your desktop or laptop. Very solid and subscription is only about $50 per year.
    07-16-11 12:54 PM
  10. jrc1245's Avatar
    I switched from Droid to BB today - had to have the keyboard and a decent PHONE. Just about threw in the towel and I found this thread. I have to say, it all synched up perfectly. The companies asking for monthly fees for this service are simply dreaming.
    08-27-11 10:12 PM
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