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    One of the things I used to brag about my Blackberry was the cool feature in the WiFi music sync capabilities, especially the abilty to stream my library to my phone which then was hooked via bluetooth to my stereo system... Anyway you already know that.

    I waited for the 7.1 version to finally make it in the last leak and I have to say, it worked flawlesly HOWEVER! It sucks down power and probably resources too!!! Now I don't know if it used to be like that before but now that we have device analyzer, when looking at my battery trends, net_rim_bb_bbvegas_otasync is contantly in the top 2 apps at close to 2% cpu usage... Bummer! This sucks because this is not a feature I use daily but at least once a week to download music from my Mac's itunes or randomly to stream music. So it shouldn't have to take a toll on power unless I was actively using it...

    Anyway I removed it and things are better now...

    If anyone has figured a way to make it work efficiently, do share.
    02-18-12 08:08 PM