1. MykOne's Avatar
    I have 3 gmail email accounts/icons on my 9930 (I don't use the gmail app). Sometimes... when I open one email account/icon, it doesn't open that actual email account... but will open the "most recent" account/icon that i previously opened.

    Example... Gmail 1, Gmail 2 and Gmail 3. If I open Gmail 1... then I open Gmail 3... Gmail 3 will show/open Gmail 1. I can't see anything under Gmail 3 because it keeps showing Gmail 1.

    I have to do a battery pull to clear this up. Sometimes 2 battery pulls because it wouldn't get fixed on the 1st pull.

    Any others having this issue?
    01-09-12 12:44 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    ive had that happen a few times as well.
    01-09-12 01:00 PM