1. MykOne's Avatar
    Previously... there were contact in my BBM where I would go into their contact profile and there would be an option "Display Pictures..... Use Blackberry Contact Image" and I would either say Yes or No.

    I'm not seeing that option on "All" of my contacts.. just some of them.

    I know these contact have at least BBM 5.0 and I know they have their contact images on the profile.

    Reason for this... is like my sister for example.. She likes to use avatars for her BBM image. I have a pic of her in my contacts and I would like to use the Blackberry Contact Image instead of her avatar.

    Anyone have any reasoning on this?
    12-07-10 04:39 PM
  2. djbtm's Avatar
    you can choose in your options wither you want to use bbm pictures as there contact picture you can click yes or no just on the main bbm part click the bb button and scroll to options and its near the bottom let me know if that works
    12-07-10 06:12 PM
  3. MykOne's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply... But I actually want to do the opposite.

    I know there is an option in BBM options to use the BBM picture as the contact picture.

    I want the opposite - contact picture as the BBM picture.

    Some of my contacts in BBM have this option when I go into their profile, while others do not.

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    12-07-10 06:57 PM