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    So I just got my brand new BB Bold 9780. It seems that I am not able to save display pictures my contacts use, why is that ? Is there a different way I can do this on my 9780 ? (my previous BB was a curve 8900)
    02-03-11 02:26 PM
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    The way to save contact display pictures has changed on new versions of BBM. The old way was to actually select the display picture of a contact then press the menu button and select save display picture. On the newer versions, you don't need to actually view the display picture. You just need to view the contact's profile, highlight the display picture (move cursor to/over display picture), press the menu button and select save display picture.

    Hopefully that's what you're looking for.
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    02-03-11 02:57 PM
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    yes its a tad different in bbm.."view contact profile" then highlight over their picture but do not click to view the pic. when the thumbnail is highlighted hit ur bb key and save.

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    02-03-11 02:58 PM
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    haha wow... How didn't I think of that. Thank you guys!
    02-03-11 03:09 PM