1. sammyhallett's Avatar
    Hi there... really sorry if this is something that's been said before but after a search I cant seem to find any answers.
    I've never posted my bmm pin anywhere, not on social networking sites, absolutely nowhere, but all of a sudden I'm finding that random foreign men keep requesting me on bbm and its actually doing my head in. I get these adds at all time of the day - and night! and I'm just wondering if theres any privacy settings that i could change to put an end to it, or any other solution.
    Also curious to know if anyone else has had this problem.
    Thanks in advance xx
    01-15-11 04:13 AM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Is it a new or used BlackBerry? If it's used, the old owner might have put it out on the social networking sites. If it's brand new, then they've obviously guessed a PIN, found it's a live PIN, and started spreading it far and wide. You CAN stop them adding you.

    When they send you the request, click ignore. I believe that will add them to the BBM ignore list so any future requests off that person won't even come through, so you'll always appear as pending to them, but you'll never get their request.
    01-15-11 04:56 AM
  3. Mama2Many's Avatar
    I've received two of these, too! The were both written in a different language..I have no idea what it was. My phone was a brand new one. I never share my PIN, either. I just figured someone typed the wrong PIN or something. Strange...
    01-15-11 10:31 AM