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    So, here's the case:

    All of my sister's friends, who happens to be quite outgoing people, the typical guys and girls you see shopping for fun and go to coffee shop and karaoke together, now refuse to use Y!M on their BlackBerry

    Ever since they got their hands on BlackBerry, they refuse to use Yahoo! Messenger any longer, despite the glaring fact that RIM's Yahoo! Messenger client does everything a BlackBerry Messenger can do. Except maybe showing what you're listening to, but how important is it?

    They completely forgot about the "Messenger" part of "BlackBerry Messenger" and "Yahoo! Messenger", focusing instead on the "BlackBerry" part. They refuse to be contacted via anything but phone call, SMS, and BBM, despite the fact that any other messenger would require the same dataplan

    One day, my sister didn't get a campus announcement that supposedly had spread all over the group. When she asked why didn't they tell her, their response was "It's your fault for not using a BlackBerry! We can't BBM you!"

    Now the virus has spread to my sister as well. My other sister got an iPhone, which basically lacks BlackBerry Messenger. When my BB sister wanted to contact my iPhone sister, she contacted me instead, asking me to lend my BlackBerry to my iPhone sister, so that she can BBM her, despite the fact that both of them are online in Yahoo! Messenger

    So, it got me wondering. What's the deal with BBM? it doesn't have a desktop client, it runs only on BlackBerry devices, it requires hard-to-remember PIN codes, and it does not make your messaging activity any more different

    In fact, I'm alright if I don't use BlackBerry Messenger at all. Sure, you can say it's "more reliable" and all that, but it's not THAT unique is what I'm saying. Messaging with a BBM is not any different than messaging with Y!M or Windows Live Messenger. After all, it's still just a Messenger at its core
    Why doesn't your sister just txt the other one ?

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