1. iamajim's Avatar
    Earlier this year or was it late last year it was being rumored about that BB would release BBM for other platforms, only 'lite'. Is this dead? I could use it on my Droid; I'm stuck with it for another year and this is what's missed the most.
    08-18-11 11:05 PM
  2. Big_Ern's Avatar
    Sucks to be you

    Go back and get another Berry

    I'm not sure what happened with it either.... I heard near the beginning of this year that it would be released for the droid and then shortly after for the iphone, but I haven't heard anything since then?

    The new Bold 9900 is a kickass device! I would highly recommend it!
    08-19-11 01:35 AM
  3. iamajim's Avatar
    'ya, it's not so bad being me if this is all I have to worry about eh? hahahaha. You're right about the new Bold, very nice indeed. Actually I have my eye on the new 9850, hope it comes to Vz soon, my wife needs to replace her BBS2.
    08-19-11 09:21 AM
  4. Fubaz's Avatar
    even if it is in development it will still take months and months to make it cross platform.
    08-19-11 11:04 AM