1. PoPcOrNPiMpZ's Avatar
    Just curious as to what settings you guys have your BBM on. Like the Bubbles, Stripes or Standard setting. The show names setting, and the sequential setting. Right now it's all on default, but I've been messing around w/ it. I can't decide really. The names on/sequential off is cool but can get annoying w/ seeing a name for every message. The names on sequential off may be the way I go.
    12-02-09 04:06 PM
  2. webmastir's Avatar
    posted in wrong section?
    12-02-09 04:35 PM
  3. PoPcOrNPiMpZ's Avatar
    How? I guess so if you are talking about BBM 5.0 in general. I am talking about BBM on my Tour. This is the Tour section, right? I have a Tour so I only look in this forum for Tour related things.
    12-02-09 04:37 PM