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    This is a VERY nooby question, but maybe someone can help me. What actually happens when you use BBM contacts restore? I'll give you the situation. I got a new refurbished blackberry, and I didn't back up my contacts on desktop manager, or an SD card. But when I started up BBM, I pressed menu and clicked on "Restore Contacts." All of my contacts showed up back in my list. Most of them are normal, but a few have almost a faded look to their profile pictures like they are pending or something. What confuses me is that I will message some people, and it will go straight to them and we can talk. And other people, when you try to message them it says "Person does not have you in their contact list, re-ad them?" And some peoples status updates I get in recent updates, and others I don't. Just curious, when you use the "Restore Contact" feature, do all of your contacts get a notification about your new pin and they have to accept it again, or do they go straight into your contacts so you can talk to them? Thanks for any help ahead of time.
    08-23-11 07:42 PM