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    So I sent a few BBM's, the persons phone was switched off so it didn't have the D.

    Then it changed to all D's for the several I sent so they'd turned their phone on. Then out of the messages I sent only 7 changed to R's, the other to are D's and its been that way for several miniutes.

    I thought they all changed to R's at the same time?

    Oh and by the way, since then I've sent another message and it's came up with a D.
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    04-03-11 10:30 AM
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    All the ones with D's mean they have been delivered to that device.
    The ones with R mean they have been read. So if some are D and some R they have read some of your messages and either not read (opened BBM) or ignored the rest
    04-03-11 10:35 AM