1. miker476's Avatar
    I had added a friend via BBM a while back and it all worked OK. Later on noticed that I couldn't chat with her using BBM. Couldn't send a message or use the BB button to get any options. Nothing would happen when I pushed the BB button. Removed her as a BBM contact and re-added and same thing.
    Finally, (just today), realized what had happened. I had "linked" her to a contact in my address book. The contact link only had her company but I didn't have her name in the first/last name field. I just input her name into the appropriate fields and now I can chat with her on BBM again. I didn't realize it was the address book issue causing the problem until I just spontaneously added her name to the corresponding address and it began working.
    Just wanted to pass this on the the Crackberry nation.

    12-14-10 11:25 AM
  2. BBMINI's Avatar
    Definitely interesting. I wonder if the same problem would have happened if you had just had her first name in your Address Book but not her last.

    I also wonder what would have happened if you would have changed your BBM contact info to the Company Name you had listed for her in your Address Book. That is, would BBM have worked with her if it "thought" it was communicating with just the Company, or does it require a personal name in the first and/or last field of the Address Book.
    12-17-10 02:27 PM