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    i have this phone since tuesday and a few times a day the bbm freezes up on me. occasionally, when i go to write an email or text after the phone has been idle for awhile , i press the trackpad and the screen doesnt light up , it stays dark . eventually the phone starts to unfreeze but this is very annoying. I went back to the vzw store and they told me that i had too many emails on my phone. i had over 390 unread emails. i need to delete them so i did . than they said to turn off bluetooth and wifi when i am not using them, so i did. but after after doing everything they said my bbm still froze on me. is anyone else having this issue? i asked them to swap out my phone for me but they said that unless they witness what my complaints are they cannot . what else can i do? i did take the battery out also.

    wondering if others are freezing up too?
    06-12-10 10:16 PM
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    My first bold was freezing up a lot and my menu button was clicking really loud at first then it stopped working all together. Since I'm in my 30 days Sprint swapped it out and I didn't have to pay the restocking fee. My new phone has not frozen up on me once and is super fast and all the buttons don't click and work perfectly. Also until I got my phone swapped I didn't think I had low volume and now I realized I do. My new phones sound quality is clear and loud...for the speaker, ear piece, and ringtone volume. The vibrate still is not great but none of my bb's ever really had good vibrate like other name brand phones I've had and I've had 5 bb's. Try another Verizon store and see if u have better luck

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    06-13-10 06:51 AM