1. CarliCruise's Avatar
    hey. I always send quick voicenotes through bbm. On the new bbm for some reason it always saves the voicenotes you send to your memory card. Is there any setting I can change so I could just send them without them saving how it was on the prior bbm. Plus, I go into voicenotes and try to erase them and I can't. Now I'm stop and can't send any because I have to many saved.

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    10-09-09 08:19 AM
  2. lepatter's Avatar
    I have the same issue..how do I keep it from saving on my memory card and also some people's voicenotes make me accept it first, then play it. Some can see the profile pic and others cant.. Seems like there are too many glitches!!!
    10-13-09 07:18 PM
  3. dryvingnut's Avatar
    Voice notes get saved no matter what u do... Or at least no matter what I do. Seems u can delete them, but sometimes only after a certain time period has elapsed. Try not opening for a day or after a battery pull. That seems to work for me. Kinda funny to listen to the drunken VN's the next day though... Could prove bad too....

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    10-13-09 08:38 PM