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    on two phones. I tried to send a voice message and it didn't even send it. I went to my wife's phone and sent a message to my phone and it arrived at mine. tried to play it--no luck. didn't get a "play" icon on the media app. I had to do 2 battery pulls on my phone to get it working again. The other phone I got it working with 1 batt pull. This isn't the first time I've had trouble with voice dialing. Voice recorder goes out, voice messaging, Bing voice and voice dialing all go out together. This has happened to me at least 3 times. I had similar problems with my S1 on .75

    anyone else having this issue?

    My wife's phone has fewer apps on it than mine, and hers does essentially the same thing with respect to voice apps failure.

    To recap--these apps fail at the same time:

    1. voice recorder
    2. voice dialing
    3. Bing voice
    4. BBM 5.0 voice message
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    Verizon's tech support response: never heard of that problem.

    Sigh. gimmie a break. My S1 needed batt pulls to resurrect the voice dialing and ringer from time to time.

    Both my wife's and my S2's voice dialing/voice memo/BBM voice note functions go out at nearly the same time--while doing BBM voice notes. Hardly a coincidence. something's wacky with this OS, after all these versions.
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