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    I currently have, a like for the most part, a blackberry pearl 3g. however browsing the internet today i found a really good deal on an unlocked palm pixi plus. I've always wanted to play around with web os, and i noticed the pixi plus has the hotspot feature. Im going away in a few weeks and im wondering if i could use the pixi on an a prepaid data plan in the states ( I live in Canada) and use its hotspot for bbm on my pearl? As well as back home even if i liked the device more for the other features, besides bbm. Any thoughts?
    07-26-11 07:45 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    it'll be a generic wifi hotspot, so it should work. if they have a live working model in the store, test it out prior to buying one.

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    07-26-11 09:56 PM