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    Hi I am wondering if there is a way to use BBM only on blackberrys without using network carriers. All I want is to use BBM like msn to talk to my friends only like on a server.

    Is there a type of service I can buy? Is it called Blackberry Enterprise? Is that what I need to buy?

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    Do you mean data only?
    Also, what country are you in?
    07-28-11 11:52 PM
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    Canada, because I need it for my employees. To just send emails to each other and also be able to talk to each other on BBM.

    I think its BIS (blackberry internet service) like a BIS only data plan
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    BIS data plans are available, at least in UK they are, but they cost just as much as a plan with some calls included. The advantage of a bis data plan only is you'll never get any surprise call charges.
    I use this set up with my drivers, I give them prepay blackberrys, bis data plan costs just 5 per month and you can use BBM voice notes to communicate, almost as good as walkie talkie but in some ways better as if you can't make out a message you can listen to it again and as soon as you listen to it you have the option to reply.
    You can also look into setting up a BBM group for all of them.

    I found in the past as soon as I put some credit in a driver's phone it would be gone in days, BIS data plan works best.

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    07-29-11 03:03 AM
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    PS You still need a carrier though

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    what if I buy from zezel.com/. Do I still need a carrier?
    07-29-11 04:34 PM
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    It doesn't matter where you buy from. You still need a carrier in order to get service.
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    07-29-11 04:53 PM
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    The service is provided by the carriers like Motorcycle Mama said.

    My suggestion for you is to get a Pre-Paid Data plan SIM and charge it for data use only.. you can use a small amount of data for many BBM massages so it will be cheap and it's easy to set it all.
    you will still need to use a carrier but a pre-paid SIM card is a good solution to avoid contract and manage your use for it's right direction.
    07-29-11 07:04 PM
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    Here are Rogers prepaid data plans for BlackBerry. You may need to click and find the plans, their site is weird, but it should get you in the right area.
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  10. T
    You need a carrier, because you need access to the internet, and the only way to get access to the internet is through a carrier. You can use a Tier 1 internet carrier or one of the other lower level carriers. But even if you get yourself a BES server, you'll still need a carrier to access the internet.
    07-29-11 10:23 PM
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    If you're in toronto, WINDmobile offers cheap prepaid data and voice, unlimited when combined with the Smart plan is $35/month before taxes.

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    07-30-11 03:32 AM