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    Almost every time I upgrade to a new OS, I end up with the old version of BBM. Most recently, I upgraded my 9000 OS to the leaked As usual, before I backup apps (using switch device in DM) and data & wipe device. When I install new OS before reinstalling my Apps, I have a clean system with the latest (slightly newer version of) BBM. So far, so good.

    The problem begins when I reinstall my applications by loading the ALX file in the folder of backed up apps. Included with my list of APPs, I now have to deal with a forced downgrade of BBM. Either I leave BBM checked which will "Downgrade" to the prior version or I uncheck it which will "Remove" it.

    I know that I could then reinstall BBM from the device's browser, but in this case, where the BBM version related to the leaked OS I just installed was a higher version than than the one I had on my prior OS (hence the downgrade), which was the same as the one I could download OTA from Blackberry.

    Specifically, I now have BBM installed, while just after the install of the leaked OS (and before reinstalling my apps), I had BBM installed.
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    05-17-10 04:23 PM
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    Thats why I copy the .66 files over the ones in the OS java folder.
    05-17-10 05:54 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I know where the java folder and I've removed files from it in the past but I haven't copied files into it. Never had a need to. I can see the list of BBM related modules checking details on the application options page.

    Aren't they already in the Java folder? If not, where do you get them to copy from?
    05-17-10 07:27 PM