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    Hello everyone. Got some BBM issues with an unlocked 8320 if you are up for the challenge. Any help is so greatly appreciated!

    Here goes...

    1. I recently gave my old curve 8320 (from t-mobile) to a friend.
    2. She unlocked it, inserted her SIM, and now uses it on Mobistar.
    3. She can make/receive calls, send/receive emails, browse web, SMS/MMS...
    4. While can SEND bbm messages to everyone in her BlackBerry Messenger contact list, but she can ONLY RECEIVE messages back from certain few contacts...not all.

    The only bbm messages she can receive seem to be from contacts in EUROPE that are NOT on t-mobile.

    I have tried all of the following:
    + Upgraded her OS to
    + Upgraded her BBM to
    + Did the whole battery pull routine
    + Settings > Advanced > Host Routing Table > Register Now
    + Resent Service Books / Battery Pull
    + Logged into BIS, changed device to PIN

    All these attempts and still the BBM issue is not fixed.


    1. Is it possible that an UNLOCKED t-mobile 8320 will not work 100% on certain other carriers, even if unlocked?

    2. What other steps could I possibly take to fix this BBM issue?

    Thanks in advance for the replies.
    11-07-09 03:57 AM
  2. nyzthug's Avatar
    Not to sure if this has anything to do with it but Did you's change the apn

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    11-07-09 04:21 AM
  3. vegan411's Avatar
    I didn't make any changes to the apn settings in the phone. I searched other posts and didn't see how this would affect the bbm. But thanks for the advice!

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    11-07-09 05:15 AM
  4. vegan411's Avatar
    Come to think of it, would the apn settings affect bbm?

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    11-07-09 05:12 PM
  5. rachel0179's Avatar
    Does mobistar have blackberry data plans specifically.. or is she on a regular data plan.. she needs a blackberry data plan for one thing.
    11-07-09 05:14 PM
  6. vegan411's Avatar
    She has BIS with mobistar. We can login to her BIS account and update the pin for her device. I even entered the IMEI number and updated that. Today was weird because she started receiving bbm updated from a few more people in her contact list. But still no stable back and forth bbm messaging. Pretty frustrating.

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    11-08-09 02:09 AM
  7. rachel0179's Avatar
    Remove and reinstall bbm, have you tried that.
    11-08-09 08:54 AM
  8. jackbox's Avatar
    Resend service books. Pull battery. And put battery back in.
    11-08-09 12:02 PM
  9. vegan411's Avatar
    I tried doing all these. I will backup all of her device data, wipe the device again and try a clean start from scratch again. Hope this works.

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    11-08-09 09:33 PM