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    On the top of my home screen, in the box where unread message/missed call/BBM message/etc small notifications show up (with a small logo and a number next to it), I ALWAYS have a Blackberry Messenger 'notification' with '4' next to it. I don't think its an unread notification though, because unread ones have a red asterisk '*' next to it. This one doesn't.

    There's NOTHING unread or new in BBM. I've closed ALL chats, tried battery pulls, restarting.. nothing has worked. I can reinstall BBM and the 'notification' goes away temporarily but comes back very soon after.

    Any workarounds/solutions for this? Very sure it's a glitch.

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    05-15-10 05:50 AM
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    Updated my OS to the latest hybrid and those 4 unknown BBM notifications became 'unread' all of a sudden. Immediately went to BBM and found.. 4 contact requests! That's weird, those requests were never appearing before, the reason I had those 4 notifications previously.. all of a sudden they appear after updating my OS.
    05-15-10 08:18 AM