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  1. SaulBey's Avatar
    I have an acquaintance whom i recently helped to upgrade to 5.0 and I also have 5.0. After that I sent her a invite to bbm she did not receive it. She sent one to me I did receive it and I accepted. We were then contacts. I sent her a message....she never received it....although it did appear on my screen that it was delivered (D). I invited her to a group.....she did not recieve it but she was able to join after she took a "photo" of the group code. She is able to read my messsages to the group chat and she is able to read pin to pin messages that i send her. she is not able to read any direct bbm messages or see any contact invites or group invites. she tells me that she is not experiencing these problems with anyone else, nor am i....she has done a battery pull as have I. I am on a 8900 with t-mobile service...not sure who her carrier is but i can find out soon. any suggestions?

    i am on bbm, and v.
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    11-04-09 01:29 AM
  2. SaulBey's Avatar
    just to update she is on verizon, and the problem persists...
    11-04-09 05:05 PM
  3. enriquepachecos's Avatar
    I'm having problems with one of my contacts on BBM and it's just only one. We've tried erasing each other and adding again, but the only thing we havent tried is installing a new bbm client since we have old BB and the basicaly don't work well with new versions. The other thing this came out of the blue, neither one installed new apps, nor changed BB and we are not sure what is an option at this point.

    Both of us are perfect talking to other contacts but not to us, i have only noticed this with this contact. I also tried twittering blackberry but it's basically lost time.
    12-27-10 05:42 PM
  4. SuperlativeForm's Avatar
    I had the same EXACT problem about 3 days ago. It seems like the messages are lagged. When the problem actually fixed itself, all the messages just sent in one time. So expect a flood of missed messages soon.
    Phew I thought I was the only one.
    12-29-10 05:12 AM
  5. thazeid's Avatar
    I had the same exact problem. Out of all my bbm contacts it happened to be with my girlfriend, we bbm all day and all of the sudden it would show a checkmark but NEVER delivered (D). I think the problem was our carriers, since we had a really bad snow storm in NY it probably made the transmission of cell towers go slower or even stop working. Now, 1 day later it's working perfect.
    Just give it time it will fix by itself. I also deleted bbm, reinstalled it, deleted her, added her again.. nothing fixed it, just time.

    12-29-10 10:57 AM