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    when i go to my Messages where all my emails/notifications are stored (it syncs both my Gmail, Yahoo and in addition my Facebook app notifications) if i hit menu and 'delete all prior messages' or even 'mark all prior opened' it gives me a pop-up saying 'unhandled exception Facebook/BBM' (not exact but i CAN reproduce it) and it locks my phone up requiring a battery pull. does it ONLY when trying to delete/mark all unread. it has forced me to do it one-by-one which is a PITA if you got like over 80 notifications, i am on Virgin Mobile using OS 5 (came with the phone i think) on a Curve 8530. tried without loading Facebook just after reboot just went into messages and attempted it same message, it crashes BBM, locks up the phone

    Only crash i ever had on a BlackBerry

    EDIT: the gadget updated and it is no longer doing this. works fine now. sorry, love this thing, fixes itself!
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